borrowing money

Things You Need to Understand About Your Borrowing Capacity

February 1, 2021

When it comes to loaning money, a borrower will only be able to loan a finite amount of money from a lender or lending institution. This amount is referred to as the borrowing capacity of a person. There is no specified amount when it comes to borrowing capacity as it would vary per individual and…

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Determining the Perfect House Deposit Value in 3 Easy Tips

January 18, 2021

Buying a house is an exciting family venture, but it can easily become successful if you don’t know the ideal deposit value to put in for your house loans. That’s because these can lead to financial troubles that may affect your quality of life and social security. Fortunately, there are ways to determine the ideal…

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buying a house

Are House and Land Packages Investment-Worthy? Our Guide

January 11, 2021

As an aspiring homeowner, house and land packages may sound like a great option. It’s especially enticing if you are a first-time home buyer since you are offered competitive prices, tax deductions, and the chance to customise your house according to your preferences, needs, and lifestyle. However, you need to consider the disadvantages before deciding…

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second hand car

3 Tips to Consider When Buying a Second-Hand Car

December 30, 2020

Buying a vehicle is a luxury for many people, despite being a necessity in everyday life. The price of cars can be as financially strenuous as purchasing a house, which means taking out car loans can drive up your monthly mortgage payments too. Seeing as financing a brand new vehicle is not feasible for many…

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Finances and budgeting, businessman stacking coins

The Pros and Cons of a Fixed Interest Rate: What to Know

December 24, 2020

The upcoming new year always leads people to different speculations about what is to come. What could be the trends that will dominate the market next? What exercise or diet fads will begin to arise? Will there be another pandemic? What will happen to the economic status of Australia and its interest rates? These little…

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investment property buyer

What to Know as a First-Time Investment Property Buyer in Perth

December 16, 2020

No matter how old you are, the excitement and anticipation that comes with purchasing your very first investment property are always going to be justified. From the moment you realise that you have enough to convert the costs to the time you sign your name on the transfer papers, acquiring your first real estate investment…

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buy dream house

Our Guide to Purchasing a New Home This Coming Spring

December 11, 2020

As the year is quickly coming to a close, you may be thinking about the different ways to spend the holiday season and cap off this crucial year. On the other hand, many people might be looking forward to what lies ahead—hopefully, a promising 2021! For aspiring homeowners, checking the real estate market as early…

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Cash Flow

3 Business Tips for Improving Your Cash Flow During COVID-19

December 3, 2020

Every small business requires a sufficient amount of money to run effectively. Unfortunately, with the ongoing health crisis due to the global pandemic, a healthy cash flow and smooth operations are harder to maintain than ever. You may be experiencing financial difficulties right now, but you can still improve the cash flow of your business…

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Buy Property in Perth

3 Convincing Reasons to Buy Property in Perth

November 18, 2020

Lifestyle is one of the biggest factors you have to consider when purchasing a home for your family to settle down in. If you want to enjoy a relaxed pace of life and a warm, friendly atmosphere in the city, then consider moving to Perth, the isolated capital city of Western Australia. With its abundance…

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Refinancing 101

Refinancing 101: The Steps to Follow for Beginners

November 11, 2020

If you’re dealing with a current mortgage and you aren’t satisfied with the policies you’re receiving anymore, you can consider refinancing and start looking for better offers. With a loan refinancing, your present bank or money lender will pay off your old mortgage using a new loan. While some people think that refinancing is hard…

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