Cash-Out Refinancing Amid COVID-19 – Our Guide

There are several things you could do to kill time while being stuck at home because of the pandemic. One way to be productive is to clean and maintain your household. In doing this, you might have noticed several parts of your house that might need to be fixed. However, being in the middle of a global pandemic does not seem like the right time for big financial moves. What if there is a way for you to get refinance and obtain cash out to make the necessary repairs for your home and keep your family safe and consolidate any financial debts that you may have? That is where refinancing with cash out comes into the picture.

Refinancing and obtaining cash out will allow you to borrow money from the equity in your home and payout any debts that you may have

Here is what you need to know about cash-out refinancing during the pandemic:

Why should you refinance and obtain cash out?

Aside from the process being quite simple, it is a convenient way to get things fixed around your home. You will need to gather all the necessary information and documents, hold a meeting with your FinanceCorp Finance Manager, answer a few financial questions, and you should be good to go.

Won’t COVID-19 affect my chances of getting a loan?

While many are lucky to be able to work remotely and still get paid each month, several people have been laid off. They are forced to find different ways to survive during the pandemic. You need to talk to a mortgage professional to get a better picture of whether you will be eligible to refinance.

People need to adapt and survive amid the global crisis. A responsible way to deal with your finances is to speak to FinanceCorp Finance Manager and obtain information on how you can carry on during these difficult times. Refinancing could help you deal with your financial issues now.

Should I be renovating my home during these times?

The reason you want to renovate your home is that you have seen areas that need fixing. To keep your family safe, you would want to attend to these issues right away. We do not know how long this pandemic will last and If you can fix what needs to be done the right way, now would be a great time to do this.

Speaking to a FinanceCorp Finance Manager about your financial situation and how you can go about fixing your home can help you decide whether you should push through with the renovations.


Whether or not there is a pandemic, the need for your house to be fixed would arise at some point. Because your house is exposed to different kinds of environmental changes, you will need to keep it in its best condition. Getting a home loan, talking to your FinanceCorp Finance Manager, and thinking of ways to ease your current financial pressures will benefit you and your family during these uncertain times. Refinancing can provide you with the funds you need for a home renovation or other economic issues you experience.

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