Find your money on the internet

This is really true – the internet can help you find money. There are a couple of big places where people tend to lost track of funds but the Australian Government has made it so that you can track them down easily.

Lost Superannuation

Many of us change jobs, move homes and simply forget to inform our super fund. We often have more than one fund and this can mean that we are paying multiple fees on each fund account. The best idea is to roll all of your superannuation in to the one account. The first step is to find all of your superannuation. You need to go this website:

You will be able to conduct a quick online search to find any superannuation that you have left in various funds. To transfer and roll your superannuation, you will need the help of a financial planner.

Lost Money

Have you gone by a previous name, moved home, lost track of bank accounts, had insurance policies and forgotten about them? Even if you are not sure, this simple check will allow you to see if you have any unclaimed money. You simply type in your name and you will be informed of any results. If you do get a result, the website will walk you through the process on how you claim your money.