Hit the SAVE button on the internet

Most Australians have access to the internet but fail to realise the power that is at their fingertips. There are now some great websites out there that do all of the hard work for you when it comes to finding the best price.


Most of us have a variety of insurances from home and contents to car and health. It is worth doing some homework on these policies as most of us renew them every year without giving a thought to the amount we are paying on our premium. Some great websites that allow you to easily compare products include:

Compare the Market




info Choice


These websites allow you to not only compare the premium amount but also what you get for your money.


Just like insurance, most of us stick with the same provider when it comes to our mobile phone, home phone and internet but it is worth checking out what else is available before you renew your contract. This website will help you get started: