Introducing our commercial broker

Here at FinanceCorp we understand that getting your finance sorted is key! Our logo is ‘finance made easy!” We have had many of our clients expressing a need for help with other aspects of finance outside of mortgages and personal finance.

We listened to you and have been on the hunt for the perfect person to join our team in the role of Commercial Finance Manager. We are really excited that Novita Robinson is joining our team in June and will be able to help you with a wide range of financial products.

Novita will be able to assist with all of your commercial finance needs including (but not limited to):

  • Business Loans
  • Car loans
  • Equipment loans
  • Truck finance
  • Machinery and plant loans
  • Boat loans

Running a business can be stressful but there is no need to let one of your stresses be the finances. We can help with all aspects of finance and part of our service is to meet with you. This meeting will enable us to better understand your current and future finance needs and what products will be best suited to meet your requirements.

Our experience at FinanceCorp has shown that taking the time to get to know each and every client and then presenting them with a range of excellent options that suit them will always achieve the right result for the client. We are happy to take the time to meet with you and understand your finance needs. We can look at any existing finance products you may have and examine these to ensure you are getting the best possible deal.

To book an appointment with Novita, please call our office on 08 9417 5550.