July – review

Well the new financial year is upon us and that means several things. Firstly, it is time to start thinking about preparing your tax return. And secondly, we are officially half way through the year. The mid-way point is often a good time to conduct a review. Did you set yourself some goals at the beginning of the financial year? How are these goals looking now we are 6 months along the way?


For most people, creating goals and plans at the beginning of the year is a nice idea but in reality by now, most are a forgotten dream. You should not let yourself fall in to this category. Research in to what separated millionaires from everyone else was one simple factor – planning! I know that none of us have time to sit and create huge plans and then review them regularly to check that we are on track but we should have some broad idea about where we want to go and how we are going to get there.


The good news is that as mortgage brokers, we are in a perfect position to help you with your planning. In regards to your personal finances, we are able to do a simple health check on these for you. We can conduct a review that will include assessing your current loan products, calculating switch or pay out rates versus savings and overall implications of refinancing. This is all part of the service that we provide. You do not have to do any of the hard work. You can leave all of this to us.


When we conduct a review of your finances it is often a good time to chat about what some of your financial goals might be. So whether your goal is to pay off your mortgage or get an investment property, we can help get you on the right path to fulfilling this goal.


So don’t sit there and worry about not having your finances on track. Call us and we will get you there. For a free review of your finances call 9417 5550 to make an appointment.