Other planning services

In our line of work we meet many people who are in the process of buying and selling property. We know the importance of receiving advice that reflects your current financial position. Many clients fail to recognise the importance of things such as updating their Will or reviewing their life insurance when they buy and sell property.

Here at FinanceCorp we have found that many of our clients are asking us if we are able to assist them with these services. We are currently able to refer our clients to have an up to date Will created. Further, we are now able to offer an in-house financial planner. Previously, we referred work to financial planners that we had aligned ourselves with. We decided that it would be advantageous to our clients to have a financial planner who worked closely with their mortgage broker.

So if you have a client who is looking for financial or estate planning advice, we are now able to be of great assistance with this. We like to think that FinanceCorp is now the one-stop shop for your clients. We know that this comprehensive service will result in a better outcome for your client.