Real Estate 101: Home Loans and Securing Good Rates

Mortgage rates matter to every last point, which is why securing the best one, even if it isn’t the lowest of all time, is a must. Financially, a home is a big responsibility to take on, whether it’s your first or fifth. Sometimes, your dream home can be a bit out of reach, but that doesn’t mean you won’t ever get it in your lifetime. A shifting market means plenty of potential in getting a home you want down the line, but this is something that plays in line with proper financial planning.

If you’ve ever wondered how important it is to secure the best home loan and how you’ll finance it, think about it as a chunk of your monthly paycheck that is constant till the end date. The interest rates on home loans in Perth are relatively low, meaning that repayments are lower than usual. However, knowing the volatility of the economy, savings do matter in 2020, and ensuring that the loan meets your needs is vital.

Looking Beyond Interest Rates

Choosing a home loan involves plenty of factors. Interest is merely one part of the larger picture, and there have to be considerations made for other costs involved. Various loans are great to compare, and using a finance calculator to determine the full scale of expenses will help you plan your budget accordingly. Keep in mind that establishment fees and ongoing costs also mix in with the total, which can get quite complicated without proper professional advice.

Ensuring that the financial aspects of securing a loan are in line with your personal finances will guarantee that you pay your potential home off on time. It is important to note that credit scores take hits when the payments are not punctual, so be sure that everything works within your means. The worst-case scenario will be to find a gigantic home and finance it only to find out in a few months that it is not possible to sustain anymore. Properties also have upkeep and maintenance costs that do not factor into the whole financial calculation, so you will also need to consider that.

Considerations for Interest Rates

Some things must be considered when choosing the right home loan for you, especially since not all are created equally. To get the best out of your plan, consider these questions before hopping in:

Is Certainty a Must?

While low-interest rates sound like the best plan ever, several loans have a fixed term, which can be a burden to certain people. Fixed loan terms can be good if stability is in place, but variable loans are appreciated by many due to their ability to choose their terms.

Is Flexibility Required?

Many homes pop up on the market and look attractive with new, low-interest rates. However, consider if you want a flexible mortgage loan to control how you want to repay and organise your cash flow. Sometimes, the option that fits best is not exactly the one that has the lowest rates straight up.

How Accessible Do You Need It to Be?

Some people factor in personal preferences in securing loans from a provider. Certain people still prefer to cash-in their mortgage monthly, while others are more comfortable using online banking to pay for their monthly charges. Depending on the answer to this question, it will determine what kind of home loan you can secure that will fit your interests best.


Home loans continue to be a necessary discussion, and anyone buying a property goes through the stresses of accessing the right plans for their financing. Whether a person is buying their first home or their succeeding ones, the process of securing the best loans that fit a set of criteria is essential to think about beforehand.

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