Taking care of investors

We understand that the real estate market is full of different groups of people. Property investors are a group that in themselves can be very diverse. Some investors are extremely savvy and know exactly what they are doing, whilst others are new and need some support and guidance. Whatever the investor profile, we are happy to work with them.

We understand that investors have different requirements when it comes to purchasing property. They are not emotional buyers who are looking for their next home. Rather, they are wanting to create or expand their investment portfolio. As mortgage brokers, we can play a vital role in helping investors. We are happy to work through different options when it comes to leveraging and gearing. We can work closely with them if required to ensure they fully understand the implications of different investment and borrowing choices. We are also happy to work with their other advisors including accountants and financial planners.

By working closely with investors, we can help them plan not only their next purchase but how they would like their property portfolio to grow and expand in the future. We know that an investment property is a long-term investment strategy and we will always talk to the client about their long term goals and strategy and help them understand how different borrowing options can work for them.

If you have a client who is considering property investment, please refer them to us. We are happy to simply have a chat and provide them with some information regarding leveraging, borrowing structuring and gearing. We will work hard to ensure they understand all aspects of the finances when it comes to investing.