What do rich people do differently?

Many of us often wonder what the secret is to getting rich. How do I get rich? What do I need to do? Are you wondering what rich people do differently to poor people? Some research conducted in the US showed that they do a few things that poor people do not. Here is what they are:

  1. Eat right: 70% of wealthy people ate less than 300 calories of junk food per day. In contrast, 97% of poor people ate more than 300 calories of junk food per day.
  2. Keep your cards close to your chest: Don’t let yourself be known as the office gossip or someone always blurting things out. Only 11.6% of wealthy people will say what is on their mind compared to 69% of poor people.
  3. Set goals: Not only do wealthy people set goals but they are more likely to write them down.
  4. Keep fit: that old adage – healthy mind, healthy body. Well it seems this is true. A staggering 76% of wealthy people undertake aerobic exercise at least 4 times a week whilst only 23% of poor people do this.
  5. Be organised: Keeping a list is a major step in this and think the old fashioned way of writing it down and crossing it off. The vast majority of wealthy people keep a to-do list.
  6. Read: A massive 885 of wealthy people read material for 30 minutes a day that relates to their education or career.
  7. Ring Grandma: The study found that 80% of rich people make calls such as wishing someone a Happy Birthday. This probably stems from the old adage – if you want something done, give it to a busy person.
  8. Don’t watch Big Brother: The wealthy spend relatively little time watching TV. 67% of wealthy people watch less than an hour a day of TV and only 6% watch reality TV compared to 78% of poor people.
  9. Don’t punt: Only 23% of wealthy people gamble, compared to 52% of poor people.
  10. Run your own race: This was not in the research but the reality is, if you follow these rules word for word, things won’t necessarily work for you. Take the bits that apply to you and just remember to try and be flexible and do things your way.