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Each of these books have been individually crafted to ensure that they provide you with the best expert knowledge, at an affordable price, in an easy to read manner. There’s not fluff, no hard-to understand concepts, just simple solutions that you can implement into your business right now. I’ve covered everything from how to be an expert networker in today’s saturated market place, tips and tricks to help you stand out from the crowd (both on and offline), how to effectively manage your finances and how to close that deal!

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Smart Money

The world of finance can seem tricky and complicated, but it doesn’t have to be when you have Smart Money at your fingertips.

Allow me, Tracey Franco, to outline my top four finance strategies that will help you re-evaluate the way that you’re managing your money. I’ve taken all the complicated jargon out and provided you with all the relevant information in an easy-to read eBook. Whether you’re working towards your first home or just need a little help understanding how finance works, this book is for you. It’s all about helping you work smarter, not harder.


Golden Tips for Growing your Network

Everyone can be an expert networker, yet 95% of people end up failing. Why? – because they didn’t have this eBook in their life! People fail at networking for an array of different reasons, find out what they are and how you can avoid making these same mistakes. PLUS get access to my golden tips for growing your network so that you can level up your business.
7 Networking Cheats that Work

7 Networking Cheats that Work

My top networking cheats that will get you noticed in no time! Whether you’re new to the world of networking or you’ve been networking for a while but feel as though you’re getting nowhere, this is the perfect resource for you. Let me teach you my top 7, favourite networking cheats that will give you a whole new perspective on networking, how to do it and how to become a networking expert, like me!

Top 7 Tips for Speed Networking

We’ve all seen speed dating go horribly wrong (whether it be in TV shows, movies, or in real life), now’s your chance to make sure you don’t make the wrong move at a speed networking event.

Like speed dating, speed networking is about putting your best foot forward and making a lasting first impression on potential referrals. So, what are some tips and tricks to ensure your success? – Checkout this handy resource for everything you need to know to blitz a speed networking session.

A successful business relationship is all about finding common ground and building rapport.

But what is rapport and how can you make sure you’re doing the right things to build it? – This eBook covers everything that you need to know about building a strong foundation for a successful business partnership. Some of these tips are second nature to some people, but others you may not have even thought about, and they will seriously help you in building your network.

13 Quick Tips to stay on top when networking

13 Quick Tips to Stay on top when Networking

Making a good first impression is easy but staying on top requires hard work and dedication.

Here are my 13 Quick Tips for staying on top of your game in the networking world. No one likes someone who gives off a great first impression but then fails to deliver on their word down the track. These common-sense tips are easy to forget but make all the difference when you’re working on your business.

15 Top Networking Tips

15 Top Networking Tips

Being a top networker shouldn’t mean giving away hours of your time, it should be about making the right connections.

What if I told you that networking isn’t all about you? … Well, it isn’t! Networking is about so much more than what’s in it for you, it’s about what’s in it for everyone involved. In this helpful resource you will learn to think about the ‘bigger picture’, and make time for the right people, so that everyone can reap the rewards.

Pro Tips to get better at Rapport Building

Pro Tips to get Better at Rapport Building

A successful business relationship is all about finding common ground and building rapport.

But what is rapport and how can you make sure you’re doing the right things to build it? – This eBook covers everything that you need to know about building a strong foundation for a successful business partnership. Some of these tips are second nature to some people, but others you may not have even thought about, and they will seriously help you in building your network.


Get your Cash Flow on Point

Ahhh the freedom of being your own boss, isn’t it glorious? Being able to schedule your days as you please, decide when you feel like working and who you want to work with. To some it may seem like a foreign utopia, but for those of us who have been self-employed for quite some time, we’ve become accustomed to the perks that come along with being our own boss. However, there is one thing that a lot of business owners struggle to become accustomed to, and that’s the ongoing merry-go-round of managing your business’ finances. Let’s just say that it’s the less ‘glamorous’ side of owning a business, the boring paperwork and record keeping that is so easily forgotten. Luckily for you, finances are my jam and I’m here to give you some of my top tips to managing your business’s finances and cashflow.


7 Tips for Successful Social Media Marketing

Aside from the fact that social media gives you the ability to engage with your current consumer 24/7 365 days a year, it also gives you the opportunity to reach out to a whole new audience and the best part? It’s totally free! (Well, unless you decide to boost posts, create sponsored ads and so on, in which case it’s not free, but that’s another topic for another time.) This e-book is all about helping you understand the basics of marketing your business on social media, without the overwhelm.


The Importance of Effective Time Managment

In our busy modern-day world, time has become our most valuable and most precious asset. This is particularly true for people who own their own business… I don’t know about you but some days it feels like there’s just aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything that needs to get done – done.

Now, more than ever, having a good grasp of time management is crucial.


Essential Referral Marketing Tips in 8 Easy Steps

Referral Marketing is about connecting with people, essentially, it’s ‘word-of-mouth’ marketing. Think of it as a ‘refer a friend’ system.

Research has shown that when you recommend something to a friend, they’re four times more likely to purchase the same product or engage in the same is simple, your friends trust you. Their opinion is valuable to you, so when you recommend a product or service, they’re more likely to give it a go.

Need some stats to back that up? – A Nielsen Survey shows that businesses with a referral marketing system in place have a 70% conversion rate and 69% faster time on close rates. In fact, referral marketing scores the highest across every single demographic, out-doing editorial content, all forms of ads, and brand sponsorship.

By incorporating referral marketing into your business, you could potentially be saving yourself hundreds of dollars which would otherwise be spent on more ‘traditional’ forms of marketing.

So, how should you tackle referral marketing?

Let me to enlighten you.


How to Instagram Like a Pro

Instagram is the fastest growing social media network in the world, with a 5% increase in growth every quarter, and a total of 1 billion active users every month.

Like Facebook, it’s a free app that’s available for businesses and personal use, the difference? – Instagram is a visual platform, making it easier and faster for consumers to process the information that they are seeing, that’s probably why it’s the social network with the highest rate of audience engagement.

Still not sold on the ‘gram? – Here’s something you should consider… 200 million users around the world view business profiles everyday. If your business isn’t on there, then you’re seriously missing out.

LinkedIn Profile

Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

An active, engaged audience is the key to all successful marketing. So, having genuine followers following your brand page should be your number one objective, particularly on LinkedIn. Why?

Because the larger your audience, the wider your organic reach and the better your overall insights. But how do you capture this audience and entice them to follow you?

The first step is simple, make sure that your LinkedIn business page is complete.


An incomplete page shows that you’re:

a. Lazy
b. Boring
c. North trustworthy
d. Unprofessional


The Best Marketing Tips for Facebook Beginners

Whether you’ve got a personal Facebook account or not, chances are you have heard of this social media giant. It’s infamous for being the world’s largest social network with over 2.27 billion active users, 1.5 billion which are active everyday! So, if you’ve got a business and you’re not on Facebook, actively promoting and engaging with your audience, then you’re seriously missing out.

Facebook is a FREE marketing tool that allows you to access potentially 2.27 billion people all over the world.

Feeling overwhelmed? – That’s okay,it’s normal.

Lead Generation

Lead Generation Made Simple

Whether you own the smallest startup or a thriving multi-million dollar cooperation, there is one thing that your business has in common with all other businesses all over the world, and that’s your need for leads. Without leads your business would cease to exist. Leads are the lifeline of your business. If you’re sitting there thinking “what on earth is lead and why is it the lifeline of my business?” – Allow me to explain, it’ll make a whole lot more sense.
More Business

Ways To Get More Business

Unconverted Leads?

The big mistake people make is assuming that because somebody doesn’t buy from you today, this week, or this month, they’re never going to buy from you. It’s a mistake that could be costing you a fortune.