A Summary Of Keystart

Keystart Home Loans have been around since 1989. The initiative was introduced by the Western Australian government. Keystart is wholly owned by the Housing Authority. The aim of a Keystart Home Loan is to assist people in to their own home. Since inception, Keystart has helped over 80,000 West Australian individuals and families achieve home ownership.

How does Keystart work?

The Keystart home loan is aimed to assist those who may not be able to get a traditional mortgage. This means that there is a only a low deposit required (with typically only half of the deposit needing to come from genuine savings) and no mortgage insurance is payable. There are income limits placed on qualifying.

The purpose behind a Keystart home loan is to get people in to their own home. This means that the home being purchased need not be a first home but it does need to be the primary residence. You cannot apply for a Keystart Home Loan if you currently own a property.


Who is eligible for Keystart?

Applicants must be

  • Be over 18 years of age.
  • Be a resident of Western Australia.
  • Be an Australian Citizen or hold a permanent residency status.


Type of home

A Keystart home loan can be used to purchase either an existing dwelling or to build a new home.


Applying for Keystart

There are a whole range of variables that need to be taken in to account when determining eligibility for Keystart including income, purchase price of the property.

The best way to determine eligibility is to speak with one of our mortgage brokers who can run through the criteria.