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Buying a home or investment property is a big step that can have a profound impact on your financial well-being. A mortgage is one of the most significant loans you will ever take out, and you will be paying it off for years to come as well as thousands of dollars in interest.

If you don’t find the best loan for your situation, it can be a financial disaster. Fortunately, help is a phone call away. FinanceCorp are highly recommended finance brokers in Perth, and we can help you get a better mortgage.

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What Does A Mortgage Broker Do? 

A mortgage broker takes the time and stress out of shopping around for the best home loan. A broker also takes homebuyers through the process of financing and buying a property.

When you contact a mortgage broker, the first thing they will do is determine your needs. Once they know what you want from your home loan, they will calculate your borrowing power. Several things affect your borrowing power, including your income, living costs, and existing debts.

The mortgage broker’s next step is to scan the market for home loan products from lenders, which include the banks. The broker will do a comparative analysis of the different products to find a home loan deal that is right for your needs and financial situation.

After helping you find a home loan that is right for you, the broker will secure a competitive interest rate and start the paperwork to submit the loan with the lender. Aside from providing the broker with the documentation and information they need, you can leave the entire process in the broker’s hands.

A mortgage broker can also help you get pre-approval on your loan so you can make an offer or bid at an auction and purchase the property of your dreams.


Why is it Important to Get Your Mortgage Right?

If you don’t get professional help with your mortgage, you run the risk of ending up with loan terms that are not right for your situation. As a result, you can end up paying thousands of dollars more on your loan and interest repayments. 

FinanceCorp will help you select and secure a loan that is not only right for you now, but that will be right for you in the future as well. Contact us today for unparalleled customer service and professional assistance.



Thank you so much for all of your hard work organising our mortgages (and driving all the way to our Guildford house – twice) We really appreciate it as it wasn’t the most straight forward for you.

Lucy and Lyndon Nilsson

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At FinanceCorp we work to make finance easy solutions for you. We strive to influence certain our customers to get the best financial solutions.

Our group comprises of specialists from the financial sectors who have a total grasp on every single budgetary arrangement. When we suggest a credit alternative we do as such simply in the wake of doing exhaustive research of all advance choices and choosing the one that is the best for our customers short-term and long-term requirements.

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