Andrew Bertram

Finance Manager

0401 550 936

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Meet Andrew, a dedicated professional in the finance industry driven by a genuine desire to help individuals secure their financial futures. Committed to delivering exceptional client experiences, Andrew provides unwavering support throughout the entire lending process, from application to settlement and beyond.

Andrew’s journey in the world of finance is marked by his belief in the power of superior client service. He strives to ensure that his clients feel supported and empowered throughout their financial journey. With his lending experience and a passion for educating others, Andrew goes the extra mile to demystify the often complex terminology used in the finance world, ensuring his clients have a clear understanding of their options.

An accomplished individual, Andrew holds the distinction of being the youngest person in WA to be accepted into and graduate from a Cert III in Automotive Sales. This achievement speaks volumes about his work ethic and determination to excel in any endeavor he undertakes. Bringing this same level of dedication and enthusiasm to FinanceCorp, Andrew is driven to provide outstanding solutions to his clients.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Andrew is no stranger to an active lifestyle. With a background as a personal trainer, he values the importance of keeping fit and living a healthy life. Andrew finds solace and rejuvenation through activities such as yoga, immersing himself in nature, and indulging in hiking adventures.

Choose Andrew as your trusted partner at FinanceCorp, and experience his passion for helping you achieve your financial goals. With his expertise, personalized guidance, and commitment to delivering superior service, Andrew is ready to guide you towards a brighter financial future while embracing a balanced and active lifestyle along the way.