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Tess Martinez

Personal Assistant


08 6243 6754

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Tess is an indispensable asset to our team, bringing with her a wealth of experience and expertise in the realm of loan processing and broker support. With a history of excellence in these domains, she has firmly established herself as a cornerstone of reliability and competence.

Drawing from her comprehensive background, Tess has honed an exceptional attention to detail that consistently ensures the accuracy and precision required in loan processing. Her meticulous approach guarantees that every step of the process is executed flawlessly, contributing to seamless transactions and satisfied clients.

Beyond her meticulousness, Tess boasts an in-depth understanding of the mortgage industry that serves as the bedrock of her contributions. Her knowledge goes well beyond the surface level, enabling her to navigate complexities and swiftly address any challenges that may arise. This expertise not only empowers her but also inspires confidence in her colleagues and clients alike.

Tess’s dedication to her role extends beyond the confines of her job description. She consistently goes above and beyond to provide vital support to FinanceCorp, embodying a proactive mindset that anticipates the needs of the team and clients. Her unwavering commitment ensures that operations run smoothly and that everyone involved feels valued and supported.

In an industry where precision, knowledge, and teamwork are paramount, Tess shines as a beacon of reliability and expertise. Her contributions not only enhance the efficiency of our operations but also elevate the overall experience for our clients. As a trusted and highly valued member of our team, Tess continues to set the standard for excellence in loan processing and broker support.