Let FinanceCorp help you with your will!

There is so much for you to think about when buying and selling a property. For many of our clients, they are often overwhelmed with the amount of things that they need to be thinking about. For many years now, all of the brokers at FinanceCorp have recommended that their clients meet with a financial planner. This often helps them better understand their overall financial picture. Unfortunately, many clients do not have the time to follow through with this.

The sad reality is that many people do not have a will (in Australia over 60% of people do not have a will.) and this is really critical when you own a property. If you do not have a will the government will make decisions about how to divide up an estate. Not surprisingly, this is rarely what you would want. Many people mistakenly believe that not having a will means their estate will be divided up in certain ways ie to their partner or their children. However, not having a will leaves the estate open to be contested and disputes can arise within families.

The best way for anyone to protect their estate, including their property, is to have a current will. A will should be updated with any change of circumstance including marriage, separation or divorce, the birth of a child and making changes to your situation which would include buying and selling property.

FinanceCorp has aligned themselves with a business that will create a will for you at a reduced rate from what you would normally expect to pay using a lawyer. Best of all, the creation of this will is done at a fixed price and the initial consults can be conducted in the comfort of your own home.  This service also includes a free review of your existing will to assess whether or not you need to update this will. All wills are written and signed off by a qualified lawyer.

If you would like to access this service and receive a fixed price will then please call our office on 9417 5550 for further details.