Simple tips to save money

We here so often from people “I am so broke” or “ I never seem to have any money”. The reality of it is that they are commonly overspending or simply spending money unnecessarily. Here are some great tips to save a few dollars:

1. Hit the library and really investigate what it has to offer – this can include free internet, access to the daily newspaper, hire of not only books but magazines, CDs and DVDs.
2. Review your bills and check for errors and possible savings – this can be especially useful for both your mobile and internet usage.
3. Ensure your car is running well – this will save on maintenance. Also check the air pressure for optimum fuel efficiency.
4. Consolidate your loans and credit cards – one easy repayment can be easier to manage.
5. Reduce your spending on expensive habits such as alcohol and fast food.

Remember to give yourself good reasons to cut back on your spending – do you have a goal – it might be to save for a holiday or pay off some debt. Keep this top of mind so you stay on track.