Things You Need to Understand About Your Borrowing Capacity

When it comes to loaning money, a borrower will only be able to loan a finite amount of money from a lender or lending institution. This amount is referred to as the borrowing capacity of a person. There is no specified amount when it comes to borrowing capacity as it would vary per individual and their circumstances.

If you are thinking about taking out a loan, it pays to know the range of what your borrowing capacity is. This will allow you to be better prepared for your loan application. It will also help you manage your expectations as to the amount of money you will be able to borrow.

Things You Need To Understand About Your Borrowing Capacity

1 – Different Lenders May Offer Different Amounts

Keep in mind that not all lenders will offer the same amount. Depending on your situation and what specific kind of information is asked of you, the amounts may vary a little bit. Finance experts will be able to advise you on which lending institutions will be able to lend you the amount that will fit your needs.

2 – You Can Only Get A Rough Estimate From Online Calculators

Online calculators may be useful if you only need a ballpark figure on how much you will be able to borrow. However, if you are looking for a more exact amount, approaching a loan market expert will be the way to go.

3 – Your Income Is The Most Important Factor

One of the most crucial pieces of information you will be providing loan providers is your income amount. This will help them gauge your capacity to pay and will help them in the computation of your borrowing capacity.

4 – Your Savings And Equity Increase Your Amount

When you apply for a loan, your savings and equity will help increase your borrowing capacity. These will be weighed against any existing debt you may have, and will greatly help you get a bigger amount in your loan.

5 – Get Rid Of Other Debt Before You Apply

If you have a substantial amount in debt, you should not expect to be able to get a big borrowable capacity amount. Waiting to lower your debt or get rid of it totally will help prove that you are a good borrower and have the capacity to repay your loans.

6 – Don’t Forget About Fees And Charges

Keep in mind that any type of loan will be subject to fees and charges. The borrowing capacity and loan amount you will be able to get will become slightly lower after these fees and charges.


It is important to know what to expect when you apply for a loan. Your borrowing capacity may be affected by many different factors. It pays to know your borrowing capacity to be able to prepare yourself for the possible loanable amount you may be eligible for. Being aware of your borrowing capacity will help you in the decision-making process, especially if you are taking out a mortgage loan to buy your first home.

Mortgage brokers will be able to help you determine your borrowing capacity as well as give you advice on which properties you will be able to afford based on that. If you will be shopping around to buy a home, you will benefit from knowing this information. Hiring a mortgage broker will help you in more ways than one, especially if it is your first time taking out a mortgage.

Whether you know your borrowing capacity or not, if you are planning to take out financing assistance, you need a finance manager. All of the Finance Managers at FinanceCorp are fully qualified, trained, and experienced mortgage professionals who live and breathe finance. Contact us today to get one step closer to the house of your dreams.