Want FinanceCorp at your fingertips?

We are making your life easier.

Here at FinanceCorp we have been working hard on a number of products that we know will make your life easier as well as your clients. If you have not downloaded the app yet, make sure you do so NOW. There are so many great features that are designed to be useful and they don’t just relate to finance.

Here is a rundown on the main features of the FinanceCorp app:

  1. Income Tax: you can enter your income and immediately it will calculate not only how much PAYG tax you need to pay but also the Medicare levy. It will also break down your annual income in to a net income as monthly, weekly, daily and hourly amounts. Pretty handy!
  2. Property duty: simply enter the purchase price and the relevant state and find out how much property duty is liable.
  3. Savings: want to get started and wonder how long it will take to get to a certain amount. This handy little calculator will work it all out for you once you have inputted a few key pieces of information.
  4. Repayment calculator: are you wondering what the repayments on a loan might be. This calculator allows you to find out by entering variables such as interest rates, term of loan and repayment frequency.
  5. Tax alerts: this is extremely handy if you run your own business. You can set alerts for when your next BAS is due or your next tax payment and there is even the option to set a customised alert.
  6. Target Wealth Calculator: If are you wondering what you are currently worth and what this will be worth over time, then you can calculate this by entering in some simple data.
  7. Survival calculator: this is a simple budget tool that allows you to enter some of your living expenses and then calculates what you need to simply “survive”.
  8. Docs and info: this has been designed to help on a number of levels. It contains a range of useful documents under the following groups:
    1. Loan Application Checklist
    2. BAS
    3. Employment Termination Payments
  9. Vehicle Log Book: this is probably a hidden gem within the app – having an electronic log book is so handy and convenient and you can even set reminders so no more forgetting to fill it out.
  10. Contact details: Find your local FinanceCorp broker.

So now you know all that the FinanceCorp app has to offer, make sure you download it on your smart phone now.