What to look out for when buying your new home

Purchasing a new home can be a really exciting time. But so often, once you move in, you can discover a huge range of hidden problems. Conducing your own inspection will reveal some issues but it is vital that, no matter what age the property is, you should always get a pest inspection and building report done.

There are always other problems that can arise that are hard to spot during your inspection. A survey of Australian hone buyers revealed the following as the biggest problems:

  1. Plumbing problems
  2. Poor TV reception
  3. Bad mobile phone coverage
  4. Noisy neighbours
  5. Cracks in walls or floors
  6. Difficult street parking
  7. High speed internet not available
  8. Rising damp
  9. Future developments in the area
  10. Insufficient onsite parking

This list contains items that you may or may not be able to do anything about. For instance, both mobile phone coverage and access to high speed internet can be problematic in certain areas. What is important is knowing about these things prior to purchasing a property. For some, these issues may be completely irrelevant and for others, they might be complete deal breakers. Knowledge is always power when it comes to making decisions around purchasing your next home